Sanctuary Scotland Board of Management

Strong governance provides the strategic direction and leadership necessary for a successful organisation. Within the Scottish Housing Regulator’s Regulatory Framework, it has outlined its Regulatory Standards of Governance and Financial Management, with which all housing associations and co-operatives must comply. Our Board of Management governs Sanctuary Scotland, playing a vital role in shaping the management and delivery of our services. Two Area Committees report to the Board.

Our Board of Management is made up of volunteers with a broad range of skills and knowledge. We look to recruit new Board members when necessary, placing adverts in the national press and elsewhere to attract the best possible candidates. Applicants are shortlisted and invited to interview, with skills, knowledge and experience assessed against a Board member role profile. 

If you would like to contact a member of the Senior Management Team, please call our Customer Service Centre on 0800 131 3348.

More information about our Board of Mangement members:


Pat Cahill (Director)

Alan West (Chair)

j' (Vice-chair)

Alex Clark (Vice-chair)

Peter Cowe

Michael McGrane

Suzanne Phee

John Arthur