Building safety

Our commitment

Our priority at Sanctuary is keeping our residents safe in their home, in line with UK Government guidance and legislation.

What we’ve done

A Building Safety project was launched in early 2018 to review fire safety, monitor best practice and oversee any changes in line with legislation.

We spoke to our residents, staff and contractors to hear their views and make sure they knew our fire safety procedures.

In all we’ve:

  • Reviewed the fire safety measures in all our high-rise buildings
  • Updated fire risk assessments and reviewed our existing evacuation plans
  • Launched a programme to retrofit sprinklers in all high-rise residential buildings
  • Carried out remedial work to the cladding on a number of buildings.

We also signed up to the Building Safety Charter and are an active member of the National Housing Federation’s Building Safety National Group.

What we’re doing

Our dedicated Building Safety Services team is led by a Head of Building Safety. Experienced fire technicians and building safety surveyors work with our programme management team to implement any changes.

The Building Safety Services team focuses on four areas:

  • Resident Engagement – working with tenants and other community representatives on our strategy to address building safety
  • The Golden Thread – an up-to-date record of building information including how it was designed, built, maintained and managed. A key recommendation of the Hackitt Review, this process makes sure our buildings meet the requirements of the Building Safety Bill
  • Culture and Competence – making sure that everyone who works on or in our buildings is competent and has a positive attitude towards building and fire safety
  • Investigation and Remediation – carrying out a risk review of all our buildings and arranging any work that needs to be done.

How we’re doing it

In line with the Building Safety Bill, we prioritise residential buildings that are at least 18 metres or six storeys tall.

Shorter residential buildings may be added following a risk review. This process considers a building’s height, age and construction method, the residents who live there, and the fire safety measures already in place.