Welcome to your new home

You'll find all the information you need about your tenancy with Sanctuary Homes below.

Documents from the Scottish Government relating to your tenancy

The Tenant Information Pack gives information on the responsibilities of your landlord (Sanctuary Homes Scotland) and you, the tenant. You can find the document on the Scottish Government website.

If you have a Private Residential Tenancy, by law Sanctuary Homes Scotland must include nine tenancy terms. Guidance notes to help you understand these terms can also be found on the Scottish Government website.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

You have already paid a deposit to secure your home from Sanctuary Homes (Scotland) Ltd and, by law, this is protected in a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme to keep it safe. Sanctuary Homes use SafeDeposits Scotland as our chosen tenancy deposit scheme.

SafeDeposits Scotland logo

After Sanctuary Homes transfer your deposit, you will receive an email or letter from SafeDeposits Scotland to confirm your money is protected. The email or letter will also confirm your log in details for the SafeDeposits Scotland website. If you change any of your contact details (e.g. your mobile number or email address), you should log in to the SafeDeposits Scotland website to update your account.

When you move out, Sanctuary Homes will enter a repayment request through SafeDeposits Scotland with a breakdown of how the deposit should be repaid (e.g. if the full deposit should be repaid to you, or if any should be repaid to Sanctuary Homes for rent arrears, cleaning etc.). SafeDeposits Scotland will send you a copy of Sanctuary Homes request by email or letter. You should log into the SafeDeposits Scotland website to confirm if you agree or disagree with Sanctuary Homes' request and to provide your bank details for payment.

For more information about deposit protection, please visit the SafeDeposits Scotland website.

Your new home

It's our priority to make sure your new home is clean, safe and secure when you move in.

You may find it helpful to go through our lettings checklist with your Housing Officer when you move in:

Download the Letting Standards Checklist (PDF 555KB)