Please respect our staff

Sanctuary Customer Care representative talks on a headset.

At the moment we are experiencing an extremely high volume of calls from residents wanting to know when their repair is going to be done.

We fully appreciate how frustrating this can be, not least because we are trying to complete a large amount of work that was unavoidably delayed because of the pandemic.

Added to that, a shortage of materials such as timber and plaster means we are unable to arrange jobs as quickly as we would like.

This situation is affecting both residents and our staff alike and we are determined to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

But in the meantime we would ask for anyone calling our Customer Service Centre to kindly respect the person dealing with the call.

We have seen an increasing number of instances when our staff have been verbally abused by residents or been left offensive voicemails. There is no excuse for this and we will be taking a zero-tolerance approach towards anyone behaving in this way.

Our staff will answer your call as soon as they can but they are also more than happy for you to send them an email on and they’ll get back to you.

Please respect our staff. Thank you.