Roanheads residents get better connected

The participants with Sanctuary and Aberdeen Foyer representatives

A group of residents at Roanheads sheltered housing scheme have just completed a 10-week Digital Inclusion course to help them make better use of ‘smart’ gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets.

Aberdeen Foyer’s Liz Cameron worked with five residents, developing learning plans to meet their individual needs. Using a combination of one-to-one sessions in their homes and group sessions in the common room, participants were able to work at their own pace with Liz on hand to provide support. Areas covered included internet browsing, Facebook, Skype, banking, online shopping, photography and gaming.

Roanheads resident Elizabeth Forman said: “I really enjoyed the course and got such a lot out of it. Liz was fantastic – she made everything easy to learn and a lot of fun. If I can learn to use the internet and Skype, others can too.”

After joining Facebook Margaret McCallum was contacted by an America-based cousin she had not seen in almost 30 years.

Margaret said: “I’m catching up with lots of lost relatives – it’s fantastic!”

Participants were awarded certificates to mark the project’s completion. The group continue to meet in the common room to learn and support each other.