Sanctuary helps Aberdeen’s sheltered residents get active

Sheltered tenants having fun whilst taking part in the activities.

Sanctuary Scotland recently helped bring Aberdeen’s sheltered tenants together for a day of light physical activity.

The leading housing provider teamed up with Sport Aberdeen and Castlehill Housing Association to run fun, confidence-building sessions at Westburn Outdoor Centre.

Twenty-eight Sanctuary and Castlehill residents took part in activities including Chi Gung and Boccia.

The event enabled tenants to socialise with other sheltered tenants who they otherwise would not meet. 

Paula Bisset, Sport Aberdeen’s active ageing development officer, said: “As people suffer from more and more complex health conditions as we age, the opportunities to remain physically and socially engaged can reduce.

“What we’ve hoped to try to do is introduce that little bit of confidence building, ‘If I can do it here then I can do it in my local community’.

“We included activities that anybody can really take part in. Hopefully that will be the benefit to real people’s lives.”

A short YouTube film on the project can be viewed below or by clicking on our YouTube link.