Strength from diversity - a statement from Craig Moule, Group Chief Executive

Sanctuary Group Chief Executive, Craig Moule.

The tragic death of George Floyd and the subsequent global reaction has prompted a period of genuine reflection and learning. It is vital that Sanctuary takes action in response to these issues.

We want to be absolutely clear with our employees, residents and partners: we do not tolerate racism or discrimination in any form.

One of Sanctuary’s core values is Diversity. We welcome and embrace the benefits that different perspectives and experiences bring to the workplace. We strive to be an inclusive organisation where everyone who works with us or lives in our accommodation feels that they belong.

We also recognise that we have far more to do to tackle inequality and fight racism. To achieve change, we must first be open to listening and truly learning from one another.

As an Executive Team, we acknowledge that we do not have lived experience of racism and we need to work to understand the multitude of ways in which discrimination affects our colleagues and customers. Over recent weeks, several of our colleagues have had the courage to come forward to share their own personal experiences directly with me.

It is impossible not to be deeply affected when reading and hearing the ways that racism has directly impacted the lives of some of our colleagues.