Your home and neighbourhood

A Sanctuary Maintenance employee measuring a window of a Sanctuary Scotland property

As your landlord, we will:

  • Provide you with information on our services
  • Carry out any necessary repairs within a fixed timescale
  • Provide you with the information we have about you
  • Consult you on any changes to your rent or service charges
  • Keep communal areas clean and tidy (if we charge you for this service)
  • Allow you to swap homes with a housing association or local authority tenant (with our written permission)
  • Address your complaint if we fail to deliver any aspect of our service

These include:

  • Paying your rent and other charges
  • Using your home as your only or principal home
  • Taking responsibility for the behaviour of anyone living with you, plus any pets or guests
  • Being respectful to our staff and contractors
  • Keeping your home and communal areas in good order

Please read your tenancy agreement carefully so you know your responsibilities.

We insure your home’s structure but do not cover any of your personal belongings.

You are encouraged to take out a contents insurance policy to cover your possessions, carpets and fittings.

Please phone our Customer Service Centre on 0800 131 3348 if you wish to:

Make changes to your home

Contact us if you wish to improve or alter your home.

Take in a lodger

Contact us if you wish to take in a lodger.

Sublet your home

Contact us if you wish to sublet your home.

Work from home

You should not run a business from your home without written permission from us. If we can’t give you permission, we will tell you why in writing.

Keep a pet

You need our permission to keep a pet. If we give you permission, your pet must not disturb others.

A Sanctuary Scotland resident stood outside her door holding a dog

Fit a satellite dish

If you would like to put up a satellite dish, ask for our permission in writing.

If you’re not sure whether you need our permission, check your tenancy agreement.

A Sanctuary Scotland resident stood at the gate of his garden

You are responsible for the condition of your garden including any trees, grass, shrubs or weeds. The state of your garden should not annoy or endanger others.

Before planting a tree in your garden, let us know the type of tree and where you would like to plant it. We will check the tree and location are safe.

A communal corridor area being mopped

Please keep communal areas clean and tidy. If you fail to do this and we intervene, we may charge you for this service. We will clean communal areas if this task is included in your service charges.

We expect neighbours to show consideration. We have garages for rent and our Customer Service Centre can tell if there are any available near you.

To keep your neighbourhood clean and tidy, please:

  • Place your rubbish in wheelie bins. If you share communal bins, use a plastic sack before putting it into the bin provided
  • Do not put hot ash in bins – it could start a fire!
  • Clean your bins regularly to prevent them from smelling
  • Do not overfill bins or leave rubbish outside your home – this encourages rats and other pests

Wherever possible, make use of your council’s recycling collections. Most operate regular collections for paper, glass, cans and certain types of plastic.

Your local council may run a bulk refuse collection service for household items too big for your bin.

Things too bulky or awkward for normal collection can also be taken to your nearest public refuse site.

The Local to you section will tell you:

  • If your local council runs this service, and – if so – how to arrange a special uplift
  • How to find the address of your local refuse site, if you wish to dispose of bulk waste directly

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It is a risk to people and wildlife, damages our environment and spoils our enjoyment of our towns and countryside. It also costs a lot of money to clear up.

If you witness fly-tipping, please tell our Customer Service Centre by phoning 0800 131 3348.