Can HOPE help you?

Dawn and Margaret sharing a laugh together

The Helping Older People Engage (HOPE) service helps elderly residents in Dundee stay in their own home. HOPE connects older people with local services to both make their life easier and give them companionship.

Dawn Balfour is Sanctuary Scotland’s HOPE community worker for our tenants in Ardler and Beechwood. Could Dawn help YOU or an elderly friend/neighbour?

Margaret Matthew of Ardler is one of many helped by the HOPE service. The 83-year-old could no longer reach her shower unit because of a problem with her arm. Dawn helped Margaret get her shower installed at an appropriate height for her, quicker than it might otherwise have been possible.

Margaret said: “Dawn’s been of great help to me. She phones me up to see how I am and helped me get my shower replaced very quickly. I can’t recommend her enough.

“Other elderly residents in Dundee should ask themselves if HOPE can help them too.” 

Dawn can also carry out benefit checks to ensure HOPE clients receive all the money they are entitled to.

If you would like Dawn’s help please visit our Ardler office or phone 07710 709853