Funding award reduces resident homelessness risk

Funding award reduces resident homelessness risk vector

A dedicated worker with lived experience of homelessness will soon help Sanctuary Scotland prevent others from losing their home.

The three-year role is possible thanks to a £136,000 grant award from the Scottish Government’s Homelessness Prevention Fund.

The job – set to be advertised in January – will support Sanctuary tenants at risk of eviction in Priesthill, Glasgow.

Nine Sanctuary households in the West of Scotland had their tenancy ended during 2019/2020.

Sanctuary Scotland community development officer Anthony Morrow said: “During the consultation phase we were told ‘You need someone to lend you hope, humanity through the darkness’. This project is designed to do that.

“People won’t be treated as a case to be solved or a statistic to be avoided. They will be treated as real people who have skills, aspirations and gifts to offer but who may need some support to find opportunities to do so and to address the things that have led them to this crisis point.

“This approach goes beyond simply ensuring people continue to have a roof over their heads and supports them to build a life in their community with connections and contributions they care about.

“We are delighted the Scottish Government is supporting a project with relationships at its very heart.”