Tenants encouraged to say YES to Sanctuary transfer

Exterior of Thistle Housing Association

The Management Committee of Glasgow-based Thistle Housing Association is backing a transfer to Sanctuary Scotland as formal consultation with Thistle’s tenants begins.

Lawrie West, the Chair of the Committee, said: “We believe the transfer will combine the strengths, capabilities and traditions of both Thistle and Sanctuary Scotland to create a stronger organisation that can deliver a thriving future for our customers and employees.”

A meeting of Thistle’s Management Committee last (Wed) night approved the joint business case for the transfer to Sanctuary Scotland. Over the next four weeks staff from both organisations will be out speaking with Thistle residents about the benefits of a YES vote, observing Scottish Government contact guidance. All feedback will be considered by Thistle’s Management Committee before a decision is made on moving forward to the independent tenant ballot.

Sanctuary Scotland has been providing operational support to Thistle since 2 March. This relationship has enabled Sanctuary to see first-hand what is happening in the community while allowing Thistle staff to see Sanctuary Scotland’s way of working.