Update on Sanctuary services following Scottish Government announcement on 7 December 2021

You will have seen the Scottish Government guidance is encouraging all those who can work from home to do so. We take the health and safety of our customers and teams very seriously. Following the announcement, we are planning a range of measures to keep you and our teams safe.

Firstly, the changes will not affect some teams, such as housing officers, being out and about in their neighbourhoods. We will also still be undertaking repairs, improvements and landscaping as per usual. Importantly, if you are uncomfortable receiving a visit from us during these times, please let us know. You can be reassured, we will take every precaution to keep you and our staff safe when we call.

However, whilst we are making every effort to maintain services, we anticipate there may be some disruption at certain times when demand for repairs are greater. We’re already experiencing much higher levels of calls to our contact centre. We would like to thank you for your patience and ask you to help us manage demand by following these options when contacting us:

Emergency repairs – so that emergency repairs can be responded to quickly. If your enquiry is not an emergency, please don’t select this option. An emergency could include a gas leak or dangerous electrical fault, structural damage to your home or the loss of essential services such as water or electricity. Please also use this option if you have particular support or wellbeing needs that need immediate attention from us or if you require your gas supply to be uncapped.

For discussing the servicing of your Gas Boiler – If you have received a letter and need to discuss or rearrange the servicing of your Gas Boiler. You can also save time by phoning our Gas Servicing line directly on 0300 123 3596.

New routine repairs. If it’s not an emergency and it’s a new repair then choose this option. If you can, phone us at a time that’s usually less busy – such as evenings or at weekends. Alternatively, please email or contact us online with the details and your phone number (if you can attach a photo of the problem, that really helps).

You’ve already reported an existing repair. If you’re contacting us about an existing repair, then please choose this option. Again, emailing or contacting us online or phoning at what’s traditionally a less busy time will help manage the length of time you may need to wait. If you could avoid Monday mornings, that would help enormously.